The lack of certain hormones in the body. With the growth of breast to the female hormone — estrogen. Even general abuse of natural hormonal levels can lead to small breasts. It is recommended to check the thyroid and adrenal appendages.

Genetic predisposition. If all the women in the family had small breasts, it would be strange to expect nature’s beautiful bust as a gift. The same applies to the conditions for growth: it has formed around 11 years, while in other countries and in 13 no clear hint of growth and development.

Vitamin deficiency. The body of a teenager is like a large STROIKOM when it is for the success of the enormous amount of starting material. With a lack of vitamins, there is a delay in the “construction” of the breasts.
The unique characteristic of the anatomical body. Sometimes there is a malfunction in the set of chromosomes in the time of conception. Then, regardless of the direct genetic traits of a type of delayed or not a formation of female breasts.

Low-quality food. Similar to a lack of vitamins gourmet passions menu affects the entire body. For a teenager, it is very important to eat a healthy diet, balanced trace elements, and vitamins.

Physical and emotional exhaustion. While setting unnecessary body strain, girl developmental delay may cause breast.

Professional lessons some sports. Women breasts — very delicate body. Active pull adjacent muscles lead that shaped breasts hardly visible.

Various injuries. Chest must be protected from bumps and shocks, even at the time of failure is not formed. Otherwise, the consequences are not only a delay in development but also complete lack of growth of female round forms.

Bad ecology. Typically, this problem can only work with others, but not at the root of breast growth problems.

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