When starting to grow breasts?

Written By Lisa

Often it is the most experienced moms on the issue, and when should breasts begin to grow. Their baby still seems so small and quite far away from adulthood! One comes to the realization that one breast bigger than the other, started formation failure. During this time it is important to declare that everything is fine should wait a moment to equal the size of the right and left breast.

Its founding stages of breast cancer divided into 3 parts:

With 8–9 years in the body, changes are associated with the growth of the breast future. First, a little swell of nipples and areola are given slightly (okolososkovye circles). In the future, the development of fatty tissue of the breast.
In 13–15 years, a period of rapid growth of the breast. It looks like the nipple pigmentation. Completes its areola formation.

In 16–17 bust “mature” takes shape. Possible unbalanced growth of the breast, which is gradually reduced to more or less symmetrical shape. At this age, there may be problems due to the reason why chest hair grow. If they are very light and in a single shape, don’t worry. Otherwise, a gynecologist, endocrinologist.

How many years of growing breasts?

It is believed that in 18 years completed the formation and growth of breasts. But in practice is 25 years old in the form of continued slow growth of the female body. In addition, during pregnancy breasts change their size and at the end of breastfeeding can adjust its shape. So that can not be answered negatively to the question of whether breasts stop growing after 18.
What leads to a raised breast correctly:
Match quality underwear.
Perform exercises to strengthen chest muscles.
Eat healthy food useful.
Filling in the day a cold shower.

There is a saying: “Every product has its own merchant.” This depends on the size of the breast. The bust is not as important as human self-esteem. That is why one of the couples can find a variety of people. It must focus on what you, food, exercise, fashion, character and habits can change. The rest will be secondary to date.

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