What Your Nails Say about Your Health

Did you know that you can read the condition of your nails with your health? In this blog, we tell you what your nails say about your health and what you can do to improve your health.

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Bobble Nails

What it means: Bobble nails can just occur or by using certain medications against inflammation or fever.
What you can do: The ridges of your nails often grow out of their own accord and you will not experience any problems after a while. Having patience, it grows out of itself. You can speed up the healing process with extra vitamins.

Split Nails

What it means: Especially the painting of your nails can lead to split nails. Nail polish remover also ensures dehydration, which makes splitting even faster.
What you can do: Stop painting and take care of your hands. Coat them with hand cream and file your nails. In the future, use a base coat under your nail polish.

Curve, Bent Nails

What it means: An iron deficiency or an excess of iron.
What you can do: It is best to prepare a treatment plan with, for example, your doctor. You may need to swallow iron supplements to supplement the shortage or to adjust your diet to reduce the amount of iron you consume.

Yellow Nails

What it means: Yellow discolored nails may indicate a nail infection or psoriasis, but also nicotine and frequent use of nail polish can be a culprit of a yellow color. It is also possible that the formation of thick nails with a yellow color by a hereditary condition or disease.
What you can do: Stop smoking and painting your nails less often can be a solution. Are your nails yellow? Then visit a doctor.

White Nails

What it means: Occasionally having white spots on some nails is not special. It is no reason to go to the doctor because it grows naturally. The white spots say nothing about your health and have nothing to do with drinking too little milk. However, completely white nails may mean that you have kidney or liver disease or another infection.
What you can do: In the latter case, it is best to visit the doctor.

Green Nails

What it means: Having nails with a green color can indicate a bacterial infection.
What you can do: Treat your nail with diluted white vinegar oil and go to the doctor.

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