What is Kettlebell Training Good for?

Kettlebell training is different from normal strength training with dumbbells or dumbbells.

In this blog post, we explain the differences and why kettlebell training is so good.

Kettlebell training is strength training and cardio in one

By doing kettlebell training you make movements in which you put the entire body to work.

The movements ensure that several muscle groups are addressed at the same time and your heart will have to pump hard to perform the exercises smoothly.

Your physical condition is put to the test and that is the important cardio aspect.

You should train intensively and that means that the weight with which you train is not too light.

If the kettlebell weight is too light, you will see a few results from your work.

You, therefore, choose a weight that is light enough to do a full workout, but heavy enough that it is challenging.

As mentioned, you train multiple muscle groups at the same time and your muscles will logically grow and become stronger.

Functional strength through kettlebell training

The kettlebell exercises are designed in such a way that you move the whole body while you exercise.

In contrast to other forms of training, this ensures that you gain functional strength.

You train your muscles to work together to move a heavyweight.

With kettlebell training, you have more options to use your entire body to do exercises.

Kettlebell training is fun!

Strength training or cardio is always good for a person, but for many people exercising becomes boring over time.

Kettlebell training is extremely varied and it is a more playful way of training, yet very effective.

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