Training schedule for maximum muscle growth

Do you regularly visit the fitness school and are you ready for more muscle mass? Then this training schedule offers you an excellent basis for getting bigger muscles quickly. This scheme is for the athlete who wants to gain strength and quickly build muscle mass. The crux is in the combination of basic exercises and maximum intensity.

The schedule has a weekly cycle. Most people can make progress with this. Of course, you are free to put together your own schedule as long as you keep the principle of training intensity. For the sake of convenience, the English names are used for the exercises. At Honest Pro Review most exercises can be found with often a good explanation. The purpose of this article is the training principle and not the explanation on how to perform the exercises.


Each muscle group starts with a warm-up that consists of at least two sets with at least 12 repetitions of the exercise that you will do according to the schedule. The sets that you then carry out are built up in terms of weight, with the last set being the most important set. That set must take the utmost of you. If you can easily perform 12 repetitions in the last set, the intensity is too low and you use too little weight. If you can make 6 to 10 reps with difficulty, that’s fine. If you make 11 or 12 then you have to take more weight next time.

As an extra, you can make a kind of superset. After the last repetition, you have 10 counts and you do another set until you can no longer. Perhaps you still get 7 or 8 now. Now you rest 10 counts and you do another set. You will probably not get more than 6 reps. You have now taken the bottom out of the can.

The secret”

The crux is in the intensity and the basic exercises. In fact, you only grow from the last set of an exercise and it needs 100% of your strength. Your body will react with a mechanism that is called overcompensation. This simply means that the muscles will prepare for a similar load but with more muscle mass than strictly necessary, as a kind of precaution. And that is exactly what we want to achieve!

Doing basic exercises remains the best way to build muscle mass. Basic exercises consist of multiple movements in which you use more than one specific muscle. This is in contrast to isolation exercises that are aimed at a single muscle. Both have a clear function but when it comes to building muscle mass, basic exercises are unsurpassed. All the big names in the world of bodybuilding use basic exercises as the basis for their training.

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