The Secret Behind Shiny Hair

Every woman prefers beautiful shiny hair. It is not only caring, but it is also very beautiful. Unfortunately, many women often suffer from dull hair, which is difficult to treat. The provillus secret behind shiny hair? I’m going to tell you about it!

Of course, there are many causes behind fluffy hair. Generally, it occurs as soon as your hair is no longer able to absorb or retain moisture. This will give you dull locks and it will fluff. Yet a bunch of shiny hair is for everyone. Read the secret behind shiny hair here.


First of all, you should not wash your hair too often. This will dry your hair even more. Two or three times a week is therefore also sufficient. You also better wash your hair with cold water. This will make your locks shine more.


Do not use a towel, but dry your hair with a T-shirt. Be careful not to rub her against the shirt, but to dept it. This will damage your hair less.

Hair Masks

Besides shampoo, it is also important to use a hair mask. Limit this to a maximum of twice a week, otherwise, your locks will be too fat again. I myself use one of John Frieda, which I really like. In addition, you only have to allow this mask to retract for five minutes, unlike many others.

Beer yeast pills

The beer really does wonders for your hair. It gives your hair a lot of volumes and more importantly, your locks will shine beautifully. Beer yeast pills contain many ingredients that make your hair shine more. A disadvantage of this is that it takes longer before you start seeing results. An advantage is that it not only strengthens your hair but also shines.

Ceramic curling iron or hair straightener

If I suffer from fluff hair, I often curl it with my curling iron. As a result, my dull locks are less noticeable. Of course, the heat of a pair of pliers is not good for the hair, but nowadays many curls and hair straighteners are provided with ceramic plates, which ensures that your hair will shine. Moreover, this will damage your hair much less than with a normal forceps. So you do not have to hide your long locks under a bun and it is also very caring!

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