The answer to Questions about Hair and Hairstyles

How often a week can you wash your hair best? How do you prevent hair loss? And what should you do if your hair is painted too dark? Here you can read the answers to all your questions about hair and hairstyles!

Is Provillus hair regrowth treatment is the best solution?

How can I make my hair appear fuller?

If you have fine hair, it is better to have it cut shorter. This is how you bring more volume into your hair. If you prefer to keep your long locks, then I recommend applying some subtle high lights. By applying high lights, your locks seem more voluminous. Dyed hair feels even thicker.

Hair and Hairstyles FAQ

How often a week can I wash my hair best?

Many women think that it is bad to wash your hair every day, but this is a myth. Nowadays, shampoos are so mild and caring that your hair does not dry out from many washes.

How can I grow my hair for a long time?

Some women fail to grow their hair long. This is due to the split ends that constantly appear. A visit to the hairdresser is not superfluous and short hair is the result. If you want to grow your hair for a long time, an adapted shampoo and care is necessary. So buy a shampoo and hair care products that protect your locks against split ends. You will see that you do not have to go to the hairdresser as often, so you have long hair faster.

How do I get cared for without washing it every morning?

If you do not have time to wash your locks in the morning, you can always do it in a nonchalant style. Choose a nice hair accessory such as a diadem or hair band and nobody sees that you have not washed your hair! Is your hair fat? Then add some baby powder or dry shampoo. Your hair is fully alive again!

I dyed my hair but it is dark. What should I do?

If your hair is painted too dark, you can buy a light-blond paint that will make your hair shine 1 to 2 shades. If your hair has a red undertone, you should never use a blonde tint. The chance that you will turn orange will be very large! If your hair color now has a red glow, you better choose an ash color.

How do I reduce my hair loss?

You know, hair in the shower, on your clothes and in your brush. As you lose more than 100 hairs per day, this is quite normal. No reason to panic! Many women suffer from hair loss and you can not help it. Around spring and autumn we, like animals, lose a lot of hair. If you really lose too much picking, you can always buy an anti-hair loss agent.

How can I create beautiful curls with style hair?

There are many ways to create curls. Unfortunately, these curls usually only last a few hours. You may find it strange, but a permanent one is a solution for perfect curls. By this, I obviously do not mean such a grandmother permanently with small curls, but one that is based on the latest techniques. These conjure up your styles to lure into large and wavy curls.

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