The 3 Reasons you will never Get Big Muscles

As I see it, most people in the fitness center train completely wrong. So wrong that they will never ever get the big muscles they are dreaming of.

There are 3 reasons why I think most people will never ever get the big muscles they go and dream about. 3 reasons that I will review here one by one.

First Reason

The first reason is that most people in the gym don’t push themselves enough. It may well be that they lift iron or pull in a machine, but it does not help if there is not enough weight and the muscles are not pressed properly.

There is so much emphasis that it is completely impossible to make many repetitions in a row. Depending on who you ask, you should not be able to take more than 15 repetitions. I myself believe that if in any way it is possible to make more than 7 repetitions, then there is almost certainly not enough emphasis!

If the muscles need to grow quickly and efficiently, then they must be pressed completely out to the edge. You have to go out where the body really hurts when you make the last few repetitions.

When the muscles are pushed all the way to the edge, you send them a signal that they must tighten and grow so that they can cope with the pressure. If you do not push the muscles to the edge, then you do not send them this signal and then there is no skid to make the muscles grow large.

Second Reason

The second reason is that many do not give their muscles the necessary time to recover after the workout. If you press your muscles properly, it does not mean that you come down to the gym each and every other day. Doing so can be quite sure that the muscles never have time to recover properly.

Depending on how you train and how big your muscles are, you have to assume that a lot of days’ rest is needed then you just expect.

When I was driving my muscle experiment (where I took 5 kg of muscles in 6 weeks) I came for example. completely up and had to recover 4 days between each workout. And others who have run similar experiments have been up to a 12-day refund between each workout!

I also find it tempting to get to the gym more than 1–2 times a week, but it does not work if the goal is for your muscles to grow as quickly and effectively as possible.

Third Reason

The third reason is that many people forget to eat enough when they exercise. I don’t think it’s enough to eat extra on the training days. Instead, it applies to my conviction of eating incredibly much food every single day — whether it is a training day or not.

Only in this way can the muscles get all the energy they need to grow as quickly and efficiently as possible.

It is not quite wrong to count on 4000+ calories each and every day. 4000+ calories are so much food that you will almost certainly get tired of eating. During my muscle experiment, I ate so much food and then it was certainly not hungry that plagued me. Rather, on the contrary.

A large part of the 4000+ calories must be fast carbohydrates (eg pasta or rice), which means that some of the food sits on the side legs rather than end up in the muscles.

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