Small warts in the neck or under your armpits, what are they?

Fibromas, steel warts, steel warts, skin tags, age spots, so small warts in the neck or armpits, groin or around the eyes are often mentioned. They are not actually warts but fibroids. Small outgrowths of the skin that occur more often in (somewhat) elderly people and obese people. They also appear in the hair, or in the pubic area. They are disfiguring and that is why most people like to lose them. How do you remove these small warts?

Fibromas are small warts that seem to originate in warm places. Under the armpits, in the neck and in the pubic area. But they are also common around the eyes or between the hair. They are often small, a millimeter to a few millimeters at most, but they can also grow to an inch. They sometimes have a kind of stalk or they are elongated in shape and form a kind of stalk to the skin. They can also lie flat on the skin. They are often skin-colored but also a touch darker than your own skin. They can sometimes itch or hurt by rubbing clothes. If you shave your armpits you can cut open a fibroma, which can be painful.


Fibromas are more common in people who are overweight and older people, but younger people can also suffer from it.
25% of people have fibroids ( fibroids ) or steel warts .
They are connective tissue tumors, but benign tumors.
Fibromes are not caused by viruses like warts and are therefore not contagious.
Fibroom means fiber; it can be caused by friction and pressure.
They are most prevalent in areas with folds.
Fibromes arise from a type of scar tissue that forms an offshoot in the skin, for example due to pressure or friction.

Fibromas or skin tags, how to remove?

A doctor or skin doctor can remove the small warts by dabbing them, cutting them away or using electrocoagulation or laser. If electrocoagulation is used, the troublesome warts are removed by means of an electric needle (hot) and burned away. Both spotting with nitrogen, cutting away, CO2 laser, shave excision, or electrocoagulation, is not completely painless, but also not terribly painful. It is just as annoying during treatment or afterwards. If anesthesia is used, it is not painful, at most a little later.

Fibromas on the scalp, pink warts

Fibromas often occur on the scalp between the hair. They are often pink and combing or brushing them with hair can damage them. They do not itch or bleed just like that by combing or brushing the hair.

What is a neurofibroma?

A neurofibroma is a bulge of skin nerves. This must be distinguished from fibromas.

Itchy ‘warts’ that start to bleed

Do you suffer from itchy spots on your skin that resemble warts or moles or fibromas? Do they look like ‘warts or moles’ that sometimes also bleed spontaneously or that itch or both? Always have this checked by a GP. These can be malignant moles or skin tumors. Also spots that might be moles or places that change shape, size or hurt, itchy or bleeding, should always be viewed by a doctor.

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