How I Size my Breast at 3 Sizes

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Hello all! Girls, I promised a long time ago to tell you how I had managed to enlarge my breasts from cup A to cup C. My breasts became firm, lifted and lush. It is half a year ago, and they are becoming increasingly attractive! Well, first something else.

Why did I want to enlarge my breasts?

As long as I remember, I have always been embarrassed by my appearance. My classmates showed off wearing deep necklines and I continued to hide my almost ‘size-zero’ breasts with wide T-shirts and wide sweaters.

When other girls had a date and hung out at school parties with boys, I hid far from the spotlight. My suffering as a teenager had no limits — all my classmates laughed at me because I was as flat as a blackboard! So I was determined and promised myself that I would do everything to make my breasts big and beautiful!

After graduating from school I started saving for the dream of my life — plastic surgery. Although I knew all about the horrors that can happen to a girl when a surgeon makes a mistake, even the slightest, I still didn’t change my mind. Breastless life was much more terrible for me — my private life was depressing, it was just complicated.

In less than 5 years I have managed to save the necessary money. Those were difficult years for me because I had to give up many beautiful things in life, but I just couldn’t afford them. Anyway, I did it! Imagine my fear and disappointment when after consultation and pre-surgical examination the doctors refused to do surgery … I fell into the deepest despair of my life.

The money I had saved for the operation was ultimately spent on sessions with a psychiatrist. “If I can’t make the dream of my life come true, then the least I can do is to try and convince myself that it is possible to live without a normal life.” with this thought I went to the woman who would soon drastically change my life.

Sure, I expected the psychiatrist to attack me with confirmations that nothing about me should be changed. But she understood me in one go.

That beautiful woman, who, despite her own financial loss, told me at the first session that she was suffering from bullying, also because of her ‘flat front’. Until she finally discovered Breast Actives, the cream for breast enlargement and firmness.

At first, I thought she was just joking with me and that it was all just a silly joke. But she gave me a five-year-old photo of her, where I saw the same woman in a bathing suit, who looked more like a teenager than a woman.

This is simply unbelievable, but the doctor, without any requests from me, wrote down a website address for me where I could buy this miracle and she didn’t charge me for it! It took me a few days to get to my positives after all that had happened, but I quickly ordered this cream for myself. All in all, the costs were low, especially compared to the costs of operation.

The package was delivered quickly and from that day I started applying the cream. I would never believe it was possible, but my breasts started to grow before my eyes! It seemed as if I suffered from all the evil until I finally learned that such a wonderful method existed!

And then I got scared. What if I had to use this cream for the rest of my life? Or if it causes some terrible consequences? Annie assured me that it is absolutely safe for health. Then I found a scientific article that explained everything in detail — why and as a result of what kind of processes your breasts grow.

But fear of another ‘flat front’ became, even more, moving for me. In two months I already bought a C-cup bra and so I decided to stop at that point, I did not order the cream anymore. To be honest, I expected my breasts to shrink in size, and was afraid that I would have to buy this product again for my entire life. But it’s already 7 months ago and I still have a full C-cup. So I can confidently recommend this method to anyone in my shoes.

Girls! Do not rush to do surgery, there are other ways, much more affordable and effective. I hope this will help you to love yourself and make a new start in your life.

By increasing my breasts, I acquired a huge number of fans, confidence in myself and a new job.

I am the happiest woman now, and I wish you the same!

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