Natural Breast Enlargement with Vacuum Breast Pumps

Would you like to have one or two cup sizes in just twenty minutes a day? If you have been looking for natural ways to enlarge your breasts, then you have undoubtedly encountered the vacuum breast pump. Breast pumps are known to make even the smallest breasts thicker and firmer. From now on, natural breast enlargement is also within your reach.

What are breast pumps?

Breast pumps are a kind of vacuum system. A dome is placed on the chest and with a pump, the air is sucked away under the dome. This has the result that the breasts start to swell. The breasts are not only bigger while they are put under pressure/vacuum, but the breast pump also ensures that the fat cells will expand so that the breasts actually become larger. Make no mistake, however: there are breast pumps that are used to breastfeed your baby. However, these pumps do not have the same functionality.

Types of breast augmentation pumps

Vacubreast: This slightly more expensive version of the regular breast pump has the advantage that it comes with different sizes of cups so that the cup can easily be adapted to your own breast shape. The Vacubreast breast pump is sold in combination with breast enlargement tablets.
Easy Grow: the Simple model with two scales and a vacuum pump.

Breast pumps — Experiences and results

Our test person has tried the breast pump daily for 5 weeks. The first use is quite impressive because you see your breasts swell different cup sizes under the dome. Your breasts are literally inflated, just like a balloon where you blow in the air. However, as soon as the vacuum is gone, the breasts regain their normal shape. After 5 weeks of daily use (ten minutes per breast), there is no visible difference. Nevertheless, you feel the blood supply to the breasts increases considerably after using the breast pump. This makes the breast tissue firmer over time because the nutrients reach the breasts better. This effect is enhanced if you take breast-enhancing herbs or capsules.

The use of the breast pump is not painful. However, the device leaves ugly red and blue circles around the breasts. These spots can last up to a week. You can reduce or avoid this disadvantage if you apply a little lubricant around the breast for the use of the breast pump.

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