Little Or No Desire For Sex: How To Increase Libido?

In a relationship it can happen to anyone: you have little or no desire for sex. After a hard day at work, you are tired and if you are honest, sex is not really necessary at that moment. But at the same time, your partner is excited and is looking forward to it. How do you deal with that? First, it is useful to look for the causes of that low libido. You may have too much stress and headaches to be horny, or there is a lingering physical problem at the root of your lack of sex drive. If there is a limited sex drive in the long term, relationship problems may even arise. But there are many solutions to increase your libido. In addition to healthy food and exercise, there are also means on the market to boost libido, both for men and women. In which way can you increase your libido?

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how to increase libido?

Little or no Desire for Sex

Sexuality in a relationship is an important activity for most people to achieve satisfactory intimacy. If there is a problem with the need for sexuality, or in other words: the desire for sex, then that intimacy can seriously suffer. If one of the two partners is affected by this for a long time, even the relationship as a whole will come under pressure. Occasionally not wanting to have sex is no problem, since hormones show fluctuations anyway. It is only when there is a low libido on a chronic basis that a problem arises. Both men and women can suffer from a reduced sex drive, but in general, low libido is more prevalent in the female part of the population.

Not Horny: Causes


“Busy, busy, busy!” Is a frequently heard complaint when people fail to find time for certain actions? In modern, busy times we are dragged into a maelstrom of work, family, and hobbies and there is little time left for intimacy and affection. Sex then sometimes becomes an action that is constantly being pushed forward to the next day in the already busy week anyway. Fatigue, worry, and stress make it hard to get horny and your libido will, therefore, reach a lower level.

Relationship problems

A love relationship can end up in difficult waters due to various causes, which can affect sex drive. When a distance develops emotionally between partners, libido can also suffer. In order to achieve successful sexual intimacy, you must be able to “surrender” to the other person in complete confidence. If you cannot physically let go completely, then your libido can be curbed.

Physical problems

Diseases and disorders can have a major impact on the level of your libido. If you are not feeling well and are often in pain because of an illness, then you naturally no longer feel like sex. Your libido can become a whole lot less due to pain, fatigue, and lack of energy. Physical complaints such as abdominal pain, headache or internal problems make it harder to get horny.

Psychological problems

This factor also plays a role on a mental level. A general ‘bad feeling’ automatically leads to a decreased interest in intimacy, or in the other in general. With depression, for example, you are not in the mood anymore, so you are hardly interested in sex anymore.

Fancy sex: cause and effect

A special feature of low libido is that in many cases there is an interaction between the cause of the problem and its effect. As a man, for example, if you suffer from erection problems, your libido may go deeper as a result. If you know it becomes difficult to get an erection to have and to keep it, you get the tendency to give up. This self-fulfilling prophecy will reduce your sex drive. If the erection problem can be solved then you will feel better physically and mentally and chances are that you will get horny faster and easier. The same applies to stress and lack of time. If you suffer less from stress and you can make more time for sex, then you will enjoy intimacy more and it will be easier to get horny. If your libido is higher, you will have more sex with your partner and this will allow you to protect yourself against future stress. In these cases, cause and effect therefore constantly influence each other.

How to increase your libido?

Physical Exercise

“A healthy mind in a healthy body” is a classic expression of the balance needed to achieve a happy and satisfying life. And this also certainly applies to sex and libido. For that reason, it is good to exercise regularly without exaggerating. Stretching your legs regularly for a walk in the fresh air, going for an occasional swim or cycling: it’s all good for blood circulation and metabolism in your body. This will make you feel better and your libido can improve a lot.

Healthy food

A balanced diet is an important requirement for feeling physically stronger. You will feel fitter, more energetic and stronger thanks to the useful vitamins that fruits and vegetables contain. This has a positive impact on your physical condition, on your self-confidence and ultimately on your performance in bed. According to tradition, garlic, chili peppers and seafood (eg oysters) are especially beneficial for obtaining a higher libido. Crustaceans and shellfish contain a lot of zinc, which is not only very healthy but also increases libido. Strawberries and chocolate are also considered a pleasure-inducing diet in popular culture, although their effect is controversial.

Libido boost: supplements


The hormone testosterone plays an extremely important role in libido in both men and women. The level of testosterone in the body partly determines the level of desire and lust of sexual partners. Agents that increase libido also contain mainly testosterone, so that sexual arousal is facilitated. In men, libido is usually at the highest level between the ages of 20 and 30, while in women it is usually between 30 and 40 years. During the menopause period, many women suffer from reduced libido. As a result, many women in the transition take extra supplements or medicines for a higher libido.

Libido woman

There is also a wide range of libido-enhancing supplements for ladies

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