Larger Breasts Without Surgery Natural Breast Enlargement

Your weight and the size of your breasts are two things that make you feel most insecure as a woman. Our society places a lot of emphasis on appearances, which makes women want to be perfect. Of course, that does not have to. But a confident woman is a sexy woman. And when a woman does not feel comfortable with her body, she has no self-confidence. Operation is really not necessary. There are also natural means, with which you can make your breasts a lot bigger.

There is a clear relationship between the weight and the size of the breasts. When you lose weight, your breasts also become smaller. Conversely, that works too, but nobody, of course, tries to get her breasts to get a cup size bigger. Weight gain is not desirable and not a healthy strategy. The same applies to pregnancy, so other alternatives must be looked at.

Ways to improve the size and fullness of your breasts are many. Herbal medicines, hormone therapy, and surgery are the three most popular ways and are an alternative to breast augmentation surgery.

First to Surgery as a Solution

Surgical breast augmentation is considered a major operation and therefore it must be carefully considered. The intervention is not covered by most major insurance policies because they do not see it as a necessary intervention.

Complications include infections and loss of feeling. Approximately 15 percent of women who undergo breast augmentation surgery are confronted with lighter to heavier complications.

Natural Breast Enlargement as an Alternative

Sometimes surgery is simply not the answer. Many women, therefore, opt for the use of natural remedies in the form of pills or creams. Some herbs have proven to be very effective in their ability to increase the size and firmness of the breast and the difference is clearly visible with regular use.

With consistent use, very positive results can be achieved with herbal medicines. Herbs such as fenugreek are rich in substances that help in the development of the mammary glands. Fennel seed contains flavonoids that help restore and stimulate new tissue growth.

Herbal medicines rarely cause harmful side effects.

Hormone therapy as a third Option

Some women prefer hormone therapy as a more natural form of breast enhancement. Hormone levels turn out to have a huge impact on the size, shape, and fullness of the breasts. However, the possible side effects of hormone therapy also make this an alternative that must be well thought through.

Benefits of Natural Preparations

In contrast to an operation, the result of which is one-off, good or bad, herbal preparations are natural and you have the application and dosage completely under your own control. You can stop the treatment if the results are to your liking. The results are also permanent and the newly formed tissue does not disappear when you stop taking a supplement.

In addition to improving the size, shape, and fullness of the breasts, most herbal medicines offer even more health benefits. These include Improved thyroid function, better hormonal balance, fewer menstrual problems and improved growth of hair and nails. The total benefits of natural breast enhancement compared to surgery or hormone therapy are very good.

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