It Says your Lips about your Personality

1. Lip shape with a full lower and upper lip

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2. Lip shape with narrow lips

If you have narrow lips, you may tend to be a loner. You thrive well alone and do not need a firm companion. It’s not natural for you to be in a relationship, but that doesn’t mean you’re bad at it.

3. Lip shape with angular amorphous

If you have a more angular amorbue, you will often be a good communicator and very creative. You can also be very impulsive and speak before you think.

4. Lip shape with round amorbue

If your amorbue is more round than angular, this means that you are extra friendly. You are very compassionate and considerate of other people.

5. Lip shape without amorphous

If your amorbue is not properly marked, you may have difficulty pulling the border. You tend to take care of others and forget about themselves. You are very responsible, but you must learn that it is not you who has to fix everything.

6. Lip shape with fullness in the middle

If your lips are more full in the middle, it may mean that you are a bit of a performer. You like the spotlight and be in the center. Your lips also show that you tend to be a little dramatic in relationships, but are also very easy to excite.

7. Small mouth with big lips

If your mouth is small and your lips are large, then you tend to be a little selfish at the start of a relationship, but when you feel comfortable, you will become more thoughtful.

8. Lip shape with a small upper lip

If your upper lip is small and your lower lip is larger, you are a person who appreciates hard work over relationships. You have high ambitions and want to live in life. You may have difficulty in being in a relationship and having trouble relaxing.

9. Big mouth

If you have a large mouth with average or full lips, you are generous and very helpful.

10. Medium lips

If you have medium-sized lips, you have neither thick nor thin lips, and your amorbue is neither invisible nor very marked.

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