Increase Your Libido as a Woman — Tips

If you, as a woman, have less desire for sex, you should talk about it openly and honestly with both your partner and your doctor. Provestra energy to boost your libido There is no unambiguous solution to increase libido because different factors can influence such as age, weight, stress and mental health. It is important to have your emotional and physical well-being examined to find out what works best for you.

  1. Emotional Causes
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Go to a psychologist to determine if you may suffer from depression. Depression and anxiety disorders are often accompanied by reduced libido. It is important to first recognize and treat the depression before you address your lack of libido.

In some cases, antidepressants may be prescribed to alleviate the symptoms of depression. Be honest with your doctor about your decreased libido, because certain medications can also reduce libido. If you switch to a different remedy, you may suffer less from a reduced libido.

2. Go to a Therapist to determine if you have a low sexual self-image

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How do you describe yourself as a sexual being: are you sexually attractive? How do you see yourself? Why? It is important to have a positive sexual self-image, but there can be many factors that affect your self-image in that area, such as abuse, rape, overweight, and bullying.

If you discover that these problems are related to your partner, keep an eye on them. Find a therapist who has experience with people with low libido and works with your partner actively on these emotional causes.

3. Tell your Partner how you Feel

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Your libido will also affect your partner, so keep him informed so that you can work together on your sex life. Open communication ensures that you can discover what you and your partner like. It is important to let each other know what you expect from sex.

A lack of communication is absolutely bad for libido. Think of it like this: how should your partner know what you like and what not, if you do not let it know? By being open and honest, you can tell your partner what you like and do not like. You may like it if your partner touches you in a certain way, and if he does not, it can be difficult to get excited. If you explain this to him and tell you what you need to get a sense of sex, you can increase your libido.

Open communication is not only important in the area of ​​sex. It is also important to be able to talk about other problems in life, such as work and finances. If your partner in the bedroom does everything perfectly, the lack of libido can also come from somewhere else, such as anger about a financial issue.

4. Reduce Stress

Stress can be caused by many things, such as finances, work, health, and family. Try to discover what is causing you stress, and take the necessary measures to establish a balanced routine.

Take massages, exercise or develop a healthier balance between work and leisure. Only you know the best way to deal with stress. Talk to your partner to increase the level of intimacy and to manage your stress better. You can even schedule intimacy so that it becomes a priority.

5. Take the time to feel Sexy

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If you are busy you may notice that your libido has disappeared under a layer of dust. Even though it may not sound really sexy, it’s good to set aside time every week to enjoy your body, so you develop a routine that makes you feel more like sex. If you want you can do this together with your partner, but remember that you do not necessarily have to make love, because a strong bond and intimacy are also very important within a relationship.

Do not worry if you do not feel sexy. If you have taken the children to school, worked the whole day, prepared the food and put the little ones back in bed, you might have little energy to boost your libido. But if you have something nice to look forward to, you can look forward to it all day and have a moment for yourself where you can take your daily worries away from you.

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