A good home remedy for HPV is to consume daily foods rich in vitamin C such as orange juice or echinacea tea as they strengthen the immune system by facilitating the fight against the virus.

However, none of these treatments replace the use of medicines prescribed by the doctor, being only a way to supplement it, increasing its effectiveness. See how the clinical treatment of HPV is done.

Orange Juice with Carrot and Beetroot

Orange Juice with Carrot and Beetroot

See the recipe for fortified orange juice:


3 Orange Juice
1 peeled carrot
1/2 peeled raw beet
Method of preparation

Beat all ingredients in a blender, strain and drink immediately between meals. All ingredients should preferably be organic. You can change the orange for tangerine or apple to vary the taste of the juice.

It is important that this juice is consumed soon after preparation to ensure a higher amount of vitamin C present in fruits.

HPV Echinacea Tea

Good home treatment for HPV is to change all diets, preferentially consuming organic foods as they are free of pesticides, hormones and other chemicals that can be harmful to health.

A great tip is to take 1 glass of natural fruit juice twice a day and invest in teas like echinacea, which has detoxifying properties. For the tea:


1 tbsp echinacea
1 cup boiling water
Method of preparation

Boil the water and add the echinacea leaves, letting stand for 5 minutes. When it is warm, strain and take next. It is recommended to drink this tea 3 times a day.

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