How to Use Unproven Natural Herbal Remedies for Breast Enlargement

Consider herbs wisely to raise breasts. On the internet and in natural medicine stores you can find a wide variety of herbal supplements and plants that stimulate the growth of the breast. Although some women are convinced of the efficacy of these natural medicines, there is no scientific proof that they are as effective as traditional drugs “Western” and should be considered with a healthy degree of skepticism. Also, certain herbal remedies can potentially cause serious complications in people taking certain medicines (especially anticoagulants). Therefore, you should always consult a doctor before starting herbal supplements. Some herbs that are believed to stimulate breast growth are the following:

American saw palmetto
Wild jam
Christmas tree berry
black cohosh

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Consider using unproven natural creams or oils. In addition to herbal supplements that ensure breast augmentation, many topical milk, oils, and creams have a similar effect. As with herbs, there is little scientific evidence (if any) that such solutions have a significant effect on breast growth, although some women claim that such topical agents have been used successfully. Before using any of these methods, consult a physician to discuss more effective and verifiable ways to achieve your breast augmentation goal.

Keep in mind that some hormonal drugs such as estrogen are available locally. Inadequate doses, these medications are known to produce the growth of the breast. Be careful not to confuse this hormonal cream (which may have other side effects) with naturopathic medicine.

Try a breast massage. Some sources say that if you massage the breasts with the appropriate technique, it is possible to cause their slight increase. Sometimes these sources recommend using special oils, creams or appliances to stimulate breast growth. Although it makes you feel good and relaxed (which can cause an improvement in mood and posture), there is no scientific evidence that massage can stimulate breast augmentation.

However, since this method is relatively safe and inexpensive (unless you buy a mass product available from nature-based stores), always try it whenever you want. As mentioned earlier, massage can be a useful tool to create a calm and relaxed mood.

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