How to Remove Eyelash Extensions at Home

Eyelash extensions give the look expressiveness, depth and at the same time retain the natural appearance. There is a multitude of technological extensions that are designed for different eye shapes and their size. The girls no longer have to spend a lot of time on makeup, but what to do if the eyelashes have lost their previous appearance? That’s right, it’s time to shoot them.

Ways to remove extended lashes at home:

nourishing cream;
oil (olive, castor, corn or burdock);
cosmetic liquid “debonder or idol lash”.

How to remove eyelash extensions with a cream

Clean your skin by removing all cosmetics. Apply the eye serum to the area around the eyes and let it soak. As a means to remove the use of children’s creams. Squeeze a small amount onto a cotton swab and apply a thick layer to the area where the eyelid and eyelashes are connected. Leave on for 25 minutes, making sure the cream does not get into the eyes. After a while, remove the composition with a dry cotton pad and gently pull the end of the extended cavity. If it was not possible to remove all lashes after the procedure, repeat the steps.

How to remove eyelash extensions with oil

When the captain carried out the extension procedure, he certainly stated that cosmetics, including oils, should be avoided. This is due to the fact that castor, corn, burdock, and olive oil contain natural ingredients that break down the adhesive base. Take advantage of this. In addition to removing the improved properties of beauty, you also saturate the native eyelashes with vitamins.

The removal is done alternately with each eye or simultaneously with the help of a friend. Lie down on the couch, look tight and pour half a teaspoon of oil into the depth of the eye, wait 20 minutes. Collect the composition of a cosmetic stick and then slowly remove one eyelash. If the result is incomplete, repeat the procedure, drip off the oil and wait another 20 minutes. Alternatively, you can apply the composition before bedtime, lightly soak the lashes and the connection area.

How to remove the extended eyelashes with idol lash…?

The tool is specially designed for professional craftsmen. When you visit the salon, remove eyelashes this way. Debonder has no odor, it has a beneficial effect on the skin around the eyes. It dissolves glue quickly and comes in a handy bottle.

Debonder is gel and liquid. For self-removal, it is recommended that you choose the first option because it is a vicious, translucent base that is easy to apply and does not run away, allowing you to work while seated.

Debonder contains a toxic substance, so always read the instructions. It shows the exposure time, the working principle and chemical components. If you are allergic to components, discard this method or choose a debit from another company. Do not rely blindly on sales consultants, buy a product that you are sure will read reviews on the internet.

How to grow your eyelashes quickly after removing the extensions
Balance your diet. Including fatty fish (salmon, salmon, tuna, cod, etc.), Cereals and beans, green vegetables and fruit. Eat a handful of nuts several times a week, don’t forget about cottage cheese, milk, kefir, and natural yogurt.

Sip a multivitamin course, they contribute to the accelerated growth of eyelashes, as well as a beneficial effect on hair and nails.

Masks for eyelashes

Restrictions in the use of traditional medicine are not, if not noted, an allergic reaction to natural ingredients. Prepare a few tubes in advance from under the carcass or small bottles where you pour the composition after preparation. Ensure the presence of an eyelash brush to make application easier. Measure the components with a syringe.

Corn oil mask

Vitamin A (in ampoules) — 1 pc.
Vitamin E (in ampoules) — 1 pc.
corn oil — 7 ml.
burdock oil — 4 ml.
lemon juice — 3 ml.

Combine half a bottle of vitamin A and a quarter of the vitamin E composition, add oil and lemon juice. Pour the mixture into a clean tube, let it stand for 2.5 hours. Use if necessary, leave on cilia for about half an hour.

Olive oil mask

patchouli ether — 3 drops
ginseng ether — 2 drops
lemon juice — 2 ml.
olive oil — 8 ml.
Vitamin B (ampoules) — 1 pc.

Add in olive oil one-third of the ampoules of vitamin B, pour in oil, lemon juice, and esters. Close the bottle tightly, wait 1 hour. Always shake the tube before use. The exposure time on the eyelashes varies from 25 to 50 minutes.

Almond oil mask

Vitamin A (in ampoules) — 1 pc.
Almond oil — 7 ml.
Mix the whole ampoule of vitamin A with oil, apply to the lashes with a thick layer, hold for 40 minutes.

Citrus juice Mask

lemon juice — 3 ml.
orange juice — 3 ml.
grapefruit juice — 4 ml.
Rosemary ether — 6 drops
Lemon balm — 3 drops
Vitamin B-6 (ampoules) — 1 pc.
Vitamin B-12 (ampoules) — 1 pc.

Mix one-third of the vitamin B-12 ampoule and half of the B-6 composition, pour in the juices and esters. Close the bottle, shake and apply eyelashes with a thin layer. Do not store the mixture for more than fifteen minutes.

Castor oil mask

Vitamin B (in ampoules) — 1 pc.
Vitamin C (in ampoules) — 1 pc.
Vitamin E (in ampoules) — 1 pc.
castor oil — 6 ml.
tea tree ether — 8 drops
Roses Ether — 5 drops
Mix half an ampoule of each vitamin, add castor oil and esters. Pour into a tube and shake well, apply several times a day daily. The exposure time is 10 minutes.

Flaxseed oil mask

grape seed ether — 7 drops.
linseed oil — 5 ml.
camphor oil — 2 ml.
lemon juice — 2 ml.

Mix the ingredients, put them in the microwave for 10 seconds. Cover your eyelashes with a warm makeup, hold for 25 minutes. The mask must always be heated before use.

Sea buckthorn oil mask

rum — 7 drops
Sea buckthorn oil — 5 ml.
Vitamin A (ampoules) — 1 pc.
Vitamin C (ampoules) — 1 pc.
ether orange — 4 drops
Ylang Ylang ether — 6 drops

Mix half an ampoule of vitamin A and a quarter of the composition of vitamin C, add rum, oil, and esters. Hold the mixture in a dark container for 6 days. After a while applying and holding for half an hour.

Aloe Vera Mask

lanolin — 2 ml.
Vaseline — 3 ml.
gelatin — 1 ml.
olive oil — 5 ml.
burdock oil — 4 ml.
aloe juice — 8 ml.

Melt the lanolin and vaseline in the microwave in a very liquid state, add gelatin and stir the composition with a toothpick, wait 5 minutes for it to cool completely. Pour in oil and aloe juice, mix again. Apply cosmetic tape to the area under the eyes, then apply the composition with your fingers and cover the lashes well. Close your eyes, rest for 1 hour. Remove the mixture with make-up remover.

Vanilla and cinnamon mask

ground cinnamon — 4 gr.
Vanillin — 2 gr.
corn oil — 5 ml.
Vitamin B (in ampoules) — 1 pc.

Pour cinnamon and vanilla with corn oil, add half of the vitamin B ampoule. Stir the mixture with a toothpick and apply a thick layer on your eyelashes. Remove with warm water after 25 minutes.

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