How to Relieve a Sunburn

Did it go wrong with sunscreen? Here is the advice that can make the night bearable …

You know it well: When you go out in the lovely sunshine, there must be sunscreen! But that’s why it can go so badly anyway …. Has the injury happened — have you been sunburned? So read along here and find out how you can get through the damage as quickly and easily as possible.

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What is a sunburn?

Being sunburned can be perceived as a sign of health. But in reality, it is the skin’s sign of skin damage ….

The sun produces ultraviolet rays

Yep, for real! The sun produces — in addition to lovely sunshine — also ultraviolet rays. And when you get tanned, it is because the skin pigment penetrates to act as a shield that protects the skin from the damage the UV rays apply to your skin. You get sunburned when exposed to so much UV light that it exceeds your skin’s ability to protect itself — or in other words: when you get too much sun.

Remember sunscreen!

There is a lot of difference in how long you can tolerate staying in the sun before being burned. It depends, among other things, on your skin type and skin color, where on the planet you are, the time of day and the season — yes, even the temperature, because you actually get easier sunburn on a hot day because heat increases the effect of the UV rays. You can get sunburned in 15 minutes without sunscreen if you’re unlucky. Even if it is cloudy, you wear clothes or are in shade, because the UV rays can penetrate most and are reflected by all surfaces so that they can reach all over. Therefore: Always remember the sunscreen and be careful with it!

Know the danger signals

Get out of the sun immediately if:

Your skin is warm to the touch — even if you try to cool it down with water
The skin is tender
The skin stings and dots
Your skin is red. Redness can be difficult to see because it does not become clear until some time has elapsed. Try pressing your fingertip against the skin. When you move your finger, there will be a white area — it will quickly turn red again if there is a danger

How to treat a sunburn

There is no quick fix to sunburn — you can’t get the burns gone, you can only relieve the pain. And you can do that here:

Avivir Aloe Vera Gel Repair
Lubricate with cool yogurt

How to avoid sunburn

Simply: Stay away from direct sunlight between 12 and 15, and use at least SPF 15 in abundance over several times a day — every day.

Soak in 20–30 minutes before going out in the sun, giving the skin time to get saturated with sunscreen.

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