How To Make A Nice Flat Breast

While there is nothing wrong with having a small bust, many flat-dressed women feel self-conscious about the lack of better curves. A small bust can be beautiful and sensual, even to the community’s norms. Start by choosing lingerie and blouses that fit well in your body. Then play with the shape, color, and pattern to enhance the look of your chest in favor of other features that make you feel more secure.

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How To Make A Nice Flat Breast

Method 1

Make use of the size of your breast

Before you start worrying about making your chest look, consider all the ways you can use the flat shape for your own benefit. There are many styles that do not fit women who have a bigger bust. However, these styles are left very nicely to women with a flat bust.

1. Wear more strapless clothing with transparent shoulders. The clothes are notorious for wearing a bra, as the belt of a traditional bra will always be seen. Women with a flat chest can wear these blouses without wearing a bra. They can choose to wear a strapless bra. Some women with large breasts do not feel supported by a strapless bra, but support is sufficient for women with smaller breasts.

2. Try a skirt with open sides. These dresses do not look good with the bra, as they can be seen on the side. For the same reason, these dresses do not fit women with large breasts as they expose much of the breast when wearing this type of dress. However, women with a fatter breast should not be worried about being seen a little, because it will not look inappropriate.

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3. Use a scarf or scarf as a blouse. It looks especially good with a wide scarf or square scarf. Women with small breasts look very good, as quilts of four-color scarves or other scarves are usually very tightly bound, while women with large breasts may be concerned about “getting out” of those blouses. Many of these blouses require you not to wear a bra, which is another reason why they are more suitable for women with a flat bust.

4. Wear a scarf like a sleeveless blouse. Fold the chew, form a triangle. Tie the ends around the waist and the two layers of the scarf around the neck.

5. Alternatively, use it as a sleeveless blouse. Fold the opposite corners of the mask and tie it to the middle. Tie the scarf around you, holding the edges up and down.

6. Do the test by tying it like a band around your chest, showing the torso. It is not suitable for all occasions, but you can go for a walk on the beach or while on an island vacation. You can use it under a sweater or jacket as an option to introduce yourself to some other places.

7. Look for evening dresses, without backs. As another piece of clothing notorious for wearing without a bra, these strapless evening dresses are perfect for women with a flat chest.

8. Try tailored suits to see yourself masculine. Instead of struggling with the lack of curves, enjoy it. Think of “male style,” jackets with prints and jeans from your “groom.” End with a special touch of metal accessories and broadband watch. It is a very chic style that girls with flat breasts can use.

9. Look for short jackets and boleros. Many of these clothes are long just below the breast line, which highlights the breasts. These clothes do not fit with women with larger breasts because the style makes the breast even bigger.

Method 2

1. Create an illusion of volume with bold colors and designs

The color and design can accomplish a lot to give volume. Look for light colors and designs that draw attention to your bust.

2. Play with the color. Choose pastel colors and other light colors, especially on the chest. Dark colors have the effect of losing weight, which can make your chest even smaller.

3. Try to use horizontal lines on the chest. They have the effect of enlarging the bust, making it look fuller.

4. Look for blouses with horizontal stripes on the chest, but solid colors below the chest, covering the rest of the torso. This reinforces the effect of the stripes. The same principle applies to other designs. Combine a design on your chest with solid colors that cover your torso.

5. Take into account the designs of balls, geometric shapes, with floral design. Try different designs and determine what suits your body and personality.

Method 3

1. Choose something to enlarge your chest

Your clothes should stay tight and look cute. You need to think of clothing that tightens your waist as it tends to make the bust appear fuller.

2. Avoid clothes that are loose, baggy or disheveled. It just hides the curves you have.

3. Look for empire-cut blouses and dresses. The empire cut helps the bust look bigger while the midsection hides. This makes it a particularly good option for women with small breasts and wide waists. Even if you have a small torso.

4. Try tight-fitting blouses and dresses as it can give you the look of the hourglass figure.

5. Also, wear tight blouses and dresses to give you the look of an hourglass.

Method 4

1. Use necklines that draw attention to certain points

Some necks hide the flatness of your bust while others benefit from learning something from the skin.

2. Also consider the use of high collars, asymmetrical necks, and a high round neck to make the chest appear larger.

3. Choose a sleeveless blouse. Expose your shoulders and create an illusion of larger breasts and draw attention directly to the bust.

4. Take the test with daring necks, such as bands “V” and round low. Although these necks do not make your chest bigger, you can wear it and look elegant. Women with large breasts may be inappropriate with broad neck tips, but women with small breasts may show some skin and still be appropriate.

Method 5

1. Add volume with details

The decoration and other details can add volume to your chest.

2. Try wearing a blouse or skirt with thongs or pleats, especially at the neck. It adds volume to your chest, without overwhelming your figure.

3. Look for extinguishers that have bust details. Rich blouses, with centerline decoration, work very well.

4. Keep in mind to decorate your neck. Gold or silver highlights will lengthen your neck, removing the focus on your flat chest.

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