How To Choose Flattering Lingerie For A Small Breast

Often women with small breasts have a complexity about their lack of curves at the top, but the right lingerie can make a woman with a small breastfeeding feminine, sexy and confident. Look for cuts that highlight the skin and accentuate your natural chest as much as possible, and note the colors and decorative elements that create the illusion of abundance. But first, you need to choose the lingerie that fits your body.

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Choose Flattering Lingerie For A Small Breast

Part 1 — Get the Right Size

1. Know the importance of size. As well as external clothing, the lingerie should fit your body perfectly to look better. If you have lingerie that doesn’t fit you, it may sting or squeeze, or it may cause unsightly bumps and wrinkles. If you wear the wrong bra size (as many women do), you will be amazed at the difference that well-made lingerie can make.

2. Determine the size of your contour. To determine what contour size you should wear, wrap a thin tape around your body and measure yourself just below the breasts. Round to the nearest integer.

3. If you get an even number, add four inches to the bar to find your contour size (keep in mind that bra sizes are calculated in inches). For example, if your measurement is 32 cm (81 cm), your contour size is 36 (91 cm).

4. If you get a strange number, add five inches to your size to find your contour size. For example, if your measurement is 31 cm (78 cm), your contour size is 36 (91 cm).

5. Measure around the breasts. Wrap the flexible band around the most prominent part of the brush, but be careful not to push too hard to prevent it. Round to the nearest integer.

6. Calculate your cup size. Once you have both measurements, use a little simple math to calculate your cup size. Simply subtract the contour size from the number that results from measuring the most prominent part of your breasts. For example, if your contour size is 36 and the size of your breasts is 38 cm (97 cm), your number will be 2.

A difference of 0 is an AA cup.
A difference of one is a cup A.
A difference of 2 is a cup B.
A difference of 3 is a C-cup.
A difference of 4 is a cup of D.

Part 2 — Choose a flattering style

1. Choose a neck that suits you. When buying bras and camisoles, choose pieces with neck skin that show some skin and favor your small busts, such as round straps and v.

2. A low cut camisole looks great if you want to emphasize the chest while covering the belly.

3. Wear strapless clothing. Strapless lingerie, such as bandeau, looks great on women with smaller breasts. Not all women can use these styles, so take advantage!

4. Add an extra extension If you want to increase the size of the bust, choose a bra with reinforcement (press) or a camel with built-in enhancement. Try them and look in the mirror to make sure it gives you the look you want. Some women feel that lingerie with highlights makes them look very artificial, while others love them.

5. You can buy stuffed bras to give a little extra volume, but only if you want it! Make sure you maintain a natural look and do not overdo it with the stuffing.

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Improve your figure

6. Improve your figure. As a woman with a small breast, you do not need your bra to have too much support, so you have many style options at your disposal. This means that if you don’t like the sticks, you don’t have to use them. If you want to add a little round to your breasts, you can choose a style with sticks.

7. Choose to cover yourself less. The more you show your chest and neck, the bigger your chest will look. Avoid a full cup of bras and choose styles that show a bit more skin.

8. Choose bras with flattering heads, such as the triangular cup or any shape that reduces the amount of dust between both cups.

9. Show off your best features. Use lingerie as a way to highlight the body parts you love most. For example, if you have long, skinny legs, look for lingerie that shows them and don’t worry so much about lighting the bust.

Part 3 — Choose decorative details

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Choose decorative

1. Add more visual weight to the top. If you want your upper half to look bigger, try choosing a bra with a larger strap.

2. Opt for the flyers. The lace, ties and other ornaments will help pay attention to the upper half and extend your chest.

3. Add a pattern. Striking prints, such as horizontal lines, will add visual weight to the chest.

4. For best results, look for pieces that have horizontal lines at the top and bright colors at the bottom.

5. Opt for light colors. Black color slim everything, including the bust. To create a more voluminous look, choose bras in pastel or other light colors.

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