How Long Does A Breast Lift Last?

The actual breast lift can take 1–4 hours, depending on whether you only need one breast lift or whether the size needs to be changed as well. How long your breast lift operation lasts also depends on the technique used by the surgeon to perform the breast lift, and whether you need full or local anesthesia.

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Wait with breast lift until you are completely breastfeeding

It may be a good idea to wait with a breast lift until you have the children you want. Pregnancy and breastfeeding typically change the shape of the breasts, so if you get a breast lift before you have children, you risk having another breast lift once you have finished breastfeeding.

It is recommended that a woman receive only one breast lift in her life. Also, therefore, it makes sense to wait until you finish breastfeeding.

Preliminary examination before breast lift

In the preliminary examination before your breast lift, your doctor must evaluate what options are available to lift and possibly reshape your breasts. It matters how big your bosom is, as well as how elastic your skin is. You are told which method the surgeon will use for your breast lift, which will affect where the scars will sit after the breast lift. It is also for the preliminary examination that the physician should inform you of the potential risks, complications and side effects you may be risking with a breast lift. As part of this preliminary examination, the doctor will also examine your breasts for, for example, nodules, and ensure that you are healthy and healthy, which is a prerequisite for performing a breast lift.

Here’s how a breast lift takes place

You may be asked to show up fast, but it depends on the type of breast lift and anesthetic method. Before the breast lift, your breasts will be drawn to indicate where the nipple should sit, etc. You will be anesthetized and the anesthetic itself may hurt while you will not notice when the surgeon performs your breast lift. The surgeon removes excess skin and moves the nipples under the breast lift.

The next day — your body after a breast lift

After breast lifting, count on one hour of rest before being discharged. For up to two months after a breast lift, you may experience swelling, bruising and decreased sensitivity in the breasts. In addition, you may experience chest pain, discomfort and nausea for a shorter period after your breast lift. You will be advised by your doctor as to whether you should take any pain medication after the breast lift. Typically, you will need to return to the clinic for a checkup two weeks after your breast lift and again when three months have passed.

Sick message in connection with a Breast lift

Exactly what you may and may not do after a breast lift, you will be told by that clinic. Typically, however, you should only take a shower after 14 days and for the first 3–4 weeks after your breast lift, your arms should be kept still. Typically, sports and strenuous physical activities may only resume after 4–6 weeks.

The scars after the breast lift gradually decrease

Scars are inevitable after a breast lift, but the scars will become less visible over time. In most cases, the scars will become paler and flatter for the first 1–2 years after your breast lift. However, in some cases where the skin does not heal well, you may be left with ugly scars on the breasts.

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Risks and side effects of a breast lift

In all types of surgery, there is a risk of infections, bleeding, swelling, pain and after-effects of the anesthesia, and a breast lift is no exception. However, bleeding and infections are relatively rare in breast lift. A more common side effect is a decreased sensation in the nipples and in the skin above the chest, but often the feeling returns after a few months. Blood clots are a rare consequence of a breast lift, but if one has been predisposed to it, the clinic will prevent by means of support socks and medication.

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