How does Provillus hair growth treatment work for women?

Provillus for Women — Women’s Hair Loss

While women can attract as much attention as their male counterparts when it comes to hair loss, they contain about 40 percent of hair loss patients in the United States. According to the American Hair Loss Association, the effects of hair loss can be much more devastating psychologically for women, so much so that it can actually lead to health problems.

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Provillus Overview

Provillus is a popular treatment for hair loss and one of the few specially designed for women. Provillus comes in two parts: a topical application and a supplement that is taken twice a day. According to the manufacturer, Provillus is designed for women suffering from female hair loss model and is not intended to work on hair loss caused by pregnancy or illness.

Provillus Topical Solution

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The active ingredient in the topical solution is minoxidil 2 percent, which is the only treatment for women’s hair loss approved by the US Food and Drug Administration. The topical solution is applied in the morning and at night again a dry scalp. Although minoxidil is available for men in a 5-percent solution, only the 2 percent solution has received FDA approval for women. However, the 5 percent solution given to women as a prescription fee and, according to the American Hair Loss Association, is more effective than 2% solution in small clinical studies.

The manufacturer that the Provillus supplement will be taken in the morning and evening. The supplement contains vitamin B6 and biotin, which is believed to roll in healthy hair. Another ingredient is magnesium, which is said to promote healthy hair. Para-aminobenzoic acid, or PABA, is another ingredient and is known for its anti-wrinkle properties. The final component is horsetail silica, which is used to promote increased blood circulation to establish more nutrients on the hair follicle.

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