Fables About Breastfeeding

Are you planning to breastfeed after delivery? Or have you recently had a baby on the chest? In that case, an uninterrupted flow of information comes to you. Consultation bureaus, midwives, grandmothers, and other mothers: they overload you with information about breastfeeding. Their stories are full of truths and untruths. You get hang busts, do not drink alcohol and lose weight: forget it! As a new mother, you can become quite insecure because what is now true? That’s why the most stubborn fables in a row, explaining how it is.

Myth 1: You can not become pregnant if you are breastfeeding

Unfortunately, many women have been kicked into this fable with a pregnancy as a result. That is because there is a core of truth. In principle, you suppress ovulation with breastfeeding, so pregnancy is excluded. But there are some vicious snakes in the grass. For example, your baby must be younger than half a year, only breastfed on request and no more than six hours between food. And then you still have no guarantees.

Myth 2: Alcohol is taboo

As long as there are at least three hours between the two foods, you can drink a glass. Your body needs that time to break down the alcohol from a consumption. With a little planning and possibly the flask, that works fine.

Myth 3: Do not feel like sex

At first nine months long was a big belly in the way, now breastfeeding throw soot into sex life. But that’s nonsense! During breastfeeding, the hormone oxytocin is released, which means that you should have more desire for sex. Unrecognizable? Do not blame breastfeeding, but motherhood. Because broken nights and dozens of dirty diapers are the ultimate passion killer. Fortunately, that is only temporary and your sex life is completely good again. Really.

Myth 4: Not lines

Now that your beautiful, pregnant belly has turned into a pathetic pile of fat, you do not want anything better than your old figure. But lines are not allowed, right? There would be a waste in the milk and that is bad for your baby. You have to follow an incredibly crash diet if that is to happen. Moreover, research shows that breastfeeding offers protection against these harmful substances. The problem with strict lines is that the milk production goes down and your baby does not get enough inside.

Myth 5: Do not use a nipple shield

Melted by some lactation specialists, because the baby would get less milk. But for many women who do not manage to breastfeed, it is the solution. It looks a little weird, such a plastic spout over your nipple and you are a lot of times sweet with the cooking of those things, but usually, it is temporary. Most mothers can feed again after a few weeks without it.

Myth 6: No milk

How much does my child get? Does it get anything at all ?! This is the reason for most women to stop breastfeeding. That is unfortunate because in principle all women have more than enough milk. Only 2 percent of the women actually make too little, the remaining 98% can make enough. If a child does not grow well, this is due to the fact that he does not get the milk out of his breast. A good lactation consultant has taught you and your child this way. And if your milk runs back, because you are tired or a bit flu? Then there is only one solution: mooring, mooring, and mooring.

Myth 7: From breastfeeding, you will get Hanging Breasts

It is not only the care of women, but also some men are secretly concerned about it. That’s why once and for all: you do not get any hanging breasts from breastfeeding. In fact, natural recovery, breastfeeding, is best for your breasts. After the breastfeeding period, the glandular tissue comes back to rest and many women regain their old, familiar breasts. Have you nevertheless got hanging breasts? Then it comes earlier because of the pregnancy, a period in which breasts can increase considerably in size.

8: Work and Breastfeeding cannot be Combined

It is not easy, but it is possible. In the law, the flask is well arranged and fortunately, more and more companies take into account their working mothers. Do you still have a boss who thinks that the broom cupboard is a great place to pump? Then point him to the American study that shows that mothers who are breastfeeding are more likely to be present at work because their babies are less likely to be ill due to breastfeeding. Now he again!

Myth 9: You can no longer breastfeed because of a Breast Enlargement

Good news: you can have breasts like Pamela Anderson and still breastfeed. However, it depends on how the operation was performed, because milk ducts can be damaged in the vicinity of the nipples. Also, hard, permanent places in the breasts can develop after the operation, making breastfeeding a lot more difficult. But in most cases, there is nothing wrong and your breasts work the same as in women without implants.

Hi everyone, welcome to my blog about health, beauty, weight loss, and lifestyle! I am Mike Shaw, https://medium.com/@mikeshaw786/

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