Clothing Tips For Large Breasts

Some ladies are blessed with a large bosom, although it can sometimes be very annoying. Because which clothes do you look best at? And how do you ensure that not all of your attention is focused on your cleavage? With these tips, you now know exactly what you should or should not do! Even if you have full breasts, a hip dress is reserved for you.

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The right neckline

Choose a top with a straight neck — Wearing a dress or top with a tight neckline makes your breasts look smaller. A round neck would make for an optically larger bosom, so let it hang! So shop dresses with asymmetrical necks, square necks or V necks. Incidentally, a V-neck also ensures that your upper body is extended and the attention is directed to your waist, double good!

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Focus on the waist

Create a slim waist — If you wear shapeless or wide tops and dresses, your breasts will appear larger, so choose slightly tighter models that form a waist. This is very easy with wrap dresses or by wearing a tailored jacket. You can also go for a belt, do not wear it around your waist but just below it to extend your upper body even further.

Choose the right colors

Play with color gradient — We all know that dark colors are slimming. To make your breasts look smaller you can wear an upper part in a dark color, then make a strong contrast by wearing a lower part in a light color. This shifts the attention from your breasts to your legs!

Show your legs

Draw attention to your legs — In other words, the attention leads away from your breasts. You can easily do this by wearing dresses that fall just above your knee.


No high neckline

Do not wear a high neck — a high-necked neck or turtleneck makes your breasts look even larger and focuses attention on your upper body.

No busy prints

Avoid busy prints — busy and eye-catching prints attract attention. And of course, we don’t want to draw attention to your larger breasts. So go for dresses in solid colors and combine this with a nice jacket with print or eye-catching accessories.

No strapless

Do not wear strapless — despite the fact that this is basically a straight line, a strapless dress or top still provides an optically large bosom.

Wear the correct belt

Choose narrow straps instead of wide ones — a wide belt around your waist makes your upper body appear smaller. This then ensures that your breasts appear larger in proportion.

Choose the correct details

Do not wear too many details — Tops and dresses with all kinds of decorations are of course very nice, but this creates a larger-looking bosom around your breasts. So leave frills, buttons, flowers and long chains in the store shelves.

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