Clothing Advice For Women With Small Breasts

Small breasts that would make you look a bit bigger? You don’t have to visit a plastic surgeon for that. Combining smart clothing also helps! You can, of course, choose a dress because the print or the model appeals to you. It is smarter to always take your own figure as a starting point. A dress that fits you in terms of the model enhances your feminine plus points. While your minuses are conveniently eliminated … What are the best tips and the biggest pitfalls if you are looking for dresses for a small bosom? Read on quickly, with the following tips you know exactly what you should and should not wear about yourself from now on feel extra confident!

A dress creates a feminine effect. But if you have small breasts, you may be afraid that this is less sexy. Nothing could be further from the truth: there are plenty of examples of beautiful women with a small cup size.

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Focus on the waist

Create a waist: by placing extra emphasis on your waist, you give your upper body more shape. This creates the illusion of larger breasts. You can easily make a narrow waist by wearing a wide belt or a jacket or blazer with the button just below the chest.

High neckline

Choose a higher neckline, so that you have a flattened look and do not undesirably pull all eyes to your breasts. Ladies with full bosoms often opt for a v-neck, but you might feel insecure if everyone looks at it. With a higher neckline, you can get rid of that problem.

Focus on the shoulders

Draw attention to your arms and shoulders. For example, by wearing a short cap sleeve and showing skin or just a nice watch or a separate bracelet. This is how you divert attention.

Back neckline

If there is the opportunity, go for a back neckline. All women with a fuller bosom frolic with the right support, while you can go for once without a bra and also show your slim back. Well, that is just your fantastic body!

Attention to details

Wear details: details are busy and attract attention. So make it nice and pressure on your upper body with ruffles, buttons, fringes, beads or prints. Everything is allowed! You can also wear a nice, long necklace. This ensures that not all of the attention goes to your breasts, but is spread over your entire upper body.


Choose a dress with an A-line: a dress with an A-line will give your figure more balance. This makes your breasts look smaller.

Robust fabrics

Wear sturdy and shiny fabrics: fabrics that are stiff and sturdy, or fabrics that just shine give your body optically more volume. Your breasts will therefore also appear larger!

Coarse knits If

you like knits, go for a coarsely knitted cardigan or dress. Better than a nice knit for an optically fuller breast. Do you have any fuller arms? Then see if you can find an item that is knitted more finely there, but for example, it has a coarse cable on the body.


pockets Choose blouses, sweaters, and dresses with breast pockets. It may feel uncomfortable at first glance, but you will see that it is very simple to have an extra size.

Color, color, color

Experiment with color! Where fuller women feel pompous in colors such as red, yellow or green, you can really enjoy yourself. A beautiful top or dress in a bright color with, for example, a statement necklace on it, you’ll get away with it!

The right bra

Buy a good bra: you can easily give a small breast part an extra cup size with the help of a good bra. Go for push-up or padding, but keep it limited and, above all, make sure that you don’t push so much that it looks unnatural and forced.


Do not wear a straight neck: straight reinforced straight, and you just don’t want that! Leave dresses and tops with a low, straight neckline in the store shelves.

No short jackets

Avoid short jackets: a jacket or cardigan over your dress is of course great fun. However, if you have small breasts, you shouldn’t just put on any jacket. Short jackets, cardigans, and boleros reduce your upper body and make your bosom look even smaller. Therefore choose somewhat longer jackets and cardigans. As a regular jacket, the trench coat is perfect for you!

No strapless

Do not wear strapless or spaghetti straps: dresses or tops that are strapless print ‘as it were’ flat. And if you already have smaller breasts, this will make your bust look even smaller than it is like.

As mentioned, a striking scarf, necklace or accessory is a good styling choice. If you wear a jacket with your dress, choose a tailored model. If you wear a cardigan over your dress, take a slightly longer-looking model, for example, made of sturdy knit or with soft pleats. Very nice for women with small breasts: sporty clothing is an important trend. Your figure fits perfectly with this fashion image.

Whatever you choose, quality and a good fit are very important. Take a bra that fits well as a base. You can, of course, opt for a push-up bra, but don’t be tempted by a model that pushes your breasts up naturally. Make sure you choose the right dress by measuring your measurements and, where necessary, requesting advice when purchasing. So be critical, but then enjoy the effect all the more! All these tips will help you choose your ideal outfit!

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