Can you dye your hair during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, the colors blue and pink predominate. But your own hair color is just as important, because if it is good, you may feel a bit better in your skin. That’s why many (expectant) mothers wonder if you can dye your hair when you are pregnant.

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Dry Hair During Pregnancy

To answer that question correctly, we divide it into the following sub-questions:

Is hair dye harmful to mother or unborn?

Does hair dye pack well enough when you are pregnant?
Is hair dye harmful to mother or unborn?
To answer this question, we contacted the RIVM. They indicate the following:

“Producers of consumer items (including the suppliers of your products) are responsible for bringing safe products to the market.

European rules are laid down in the Cosmetics Regulation for personal care products such as hair dye products. One of the requirements is that hair dyes are assessed for safety by an independent scientific committee (SCCS) before the products are marketed.

The hair dye must be found to be safe for all possible users, including pregnant and breastfeeding mothers. Your customers can, therefore, assume that hair dyes that are on the market can be used safely.

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Dry Hair

However, a hair dye contains more substances and it is the responsibility of the producer that the product can be used safely. “

Either …

When you buy your hair dye from a famous brand at a reliable store in Europe, you can assume that the hair dyes are safe to use when you are pregnant. To be 100% sure, we always recommend checking with the relevant brand. This is because the producer of the hair dye bears the responsibility.

Does hair dye pack well enough when you are pregnant?

Yes, hair dyes usually pack well enough. But our own hairdressers have encountered some situations during their career with the dying of a pregnant woman. And that’s why we say ‘usually’;). Below you can read some experiences:

First, they notice that color characters can break through faster in the hair of women who are pregnant. Below you can see what characters can do with the color in the hair:

Ash makes your hair bluish/gray
Violet makes your hair purplish/bluish
Gold makes your hair yellowish/orange
Matt makes your hair greenish

Secondly, they saw that from a color height 9 the color turns out hot (yellow) faster.

Finally, pregnancy can cause a more sensitive scalp. Hair dye with a developer of 9% (and 12%) can then burn very much on the skin and even cause blisters.

Unfortunately, we do not know why the above occurs more often with pregnant women. This may have something to do with the hormone balance and/or the hair getting fatter. But we don’t know for sure.

We do know that the examples above have been found in practice. And you could take that into account. Of course, you always get the best result from a professional who knows all the ins and outs of the hair dye he or she works with.

In short: Can you dye your hair during pregnancy?

From a safety point of view, this should be possible in most cases. Checking with the producer of the hair dye and possibly consulting your doctor is something we recommend to know for sure.

From results orientation, this should not cause problems in most cases. Yet there are some problems that may still occur.

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It may be that a new hair dye, scientific insight or other information becomes available. This can ensure that the information in this blog is no longer up to date. Of course, we do our best to keep the information as correct as possible!

Did you dye your hair yourself during pregnancy? What were your experiences? You probably do it to other mothers by sharing your reactions. Even if you have any questions or feedback, let us know in the comments!

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