Buy Gray Hair Dye? You should pay attention to this!

Granny Hair is still completely in. You only have to look around you at work, the station or on a terrace and you will undoubtedly see beauty with gray hair. Then it becomes naturally tempting to also take a gray hair color.

In that case, you can do two things:

Visit the Hairdresser.
Buy gray hair dye and get started.
Do you want to get started with gray hair dye but do not have a hairdressing background or experience with dyeing your hair? Then we really recommend you to read this blog. This way you will not be confronted with surprises after you have purchased gray hair dye!

We actually recommend that you go to the hairdresser anyway. But if you really want to try it for yourself, go through the information below. This way you are well prepared if you are going to apply gray hair dye.

Which gray hair dye do I need?

Within gray hair dye, there are a huge number of shades of gray, ranging from pink gray to deep blue and metallic. Before you buy a gray hair color it is therefore good to know what shade you ultimately want.

Below you will find an overview of commonly used terms to indicate gray tones.

Metallic Gray Hair
Silver Gray Hair
Ice Gray / Blonde
Granny Gray
Lavender Gray Hair
Rose Gray Hair
Just type in the terms above on Google. You will then automatically get an idea of ​​what gray shade stands for.

Basically, you get the best results with gray hair dye if you apply it to blonde or bleached hair. And then you have to think of color height 8, 9 and 10. You could also apply the colors Metal Gray Hair and Granny Gray to color heights 5, 6 and 7. But this only gives a gray glow and not the full color perhaps expected.


If you are not blonde of yourself, it may mean that you have to bleach your hair. This creates 2 challenges.

First, the condition of your hair deteriorates. Your hair will not only look dry, but the gray hair dye will also stay harder. Bleaching usually damages your hair scales, preventing them from closing properly. The result is that the gray molecules also disappear from your hair faster.

Secondly, when lighting up, you often have to deal with unwanted yellow and orange hues. You can read why in our blog ‘ Help! I have an orange glow in my hair! “. But in order to get beautiful gray hair, you first have to neutralize these colors and therefore matte the surface. Only then will your desired gray color come into its own.

Image for post
Image for post
Graw Hair

How to actually bleach your hair is, unfortunately, a process that we cannot properly explain through a blog. So if you do not have the knowledge yourself, we advise you to go to the hairdresser.

How long does gray hair dye last?

Not long. There, we said it. The molecules of a gray color are small if you compare them with other color molecules. That means that they come into your hair easier, but they go out just as easily.

We cannot say how long it will stay, because it depends on the surface (naturally blond or bleached), the chosen hair dye (permanent or semi-permanent) and the circumstances in which your hair is (dry air, lots of suns).

To keep your gray hair color beautiful for as long as possible, we always recommend using a silver shampoo after coloring. This type of shampoo contains blue and/or purple molecules that neutralize warm tones so that the cool effect of gray hair dye remains guaranteed. View the best silver shampoos from here.

Buy gray hair dye?
If you want to buy gray hair dye, you can choose from:

Permanent gray hair dye
Demi-permanent gray hair dye
Semi-permanent gray hair dye
Below we have listed some examples of gray hair colors in our range.

Permanent Coloring:

Metallic Gray Hair: KeraCream Steel Gray
Silver Gray Hair: Majirel 8.11 — Koleston Perfect 9/81
Ice Blond: Majirel 9.1
Granny Gray: Majirel 7.11 — Koleston Perfect 7/18
Lavender Gray: Tinta 8.17 with droplet 1 — KeraCream Lavender
Rose Gray: Silverwhite Gray Lilac
Demi-permanent coloring:

Metallic Gray Hair: DMI Steel Gray
Silver Gray Hair: Color Touch 0/86
Granny Gray: Color Touch 7/89
Lavender Gray: Tinta Semi 8.17 with droplet 1 — DMI Lavender
Semi-permanent color:


We would like to emphasize the following again. If you have no experience with dyeing your hair, we recommend that you do not purchase gray hair dye and use it. If you have the experience, you can use this blog as an inspiration or as a kind of manual.

Of course, the final gray hair color depends on the substrate and the bleaching + dyeing process. So we cannot give a guarantee on that.

Do you have any questions about gray hair dye, do you have experiences yourself or do you have any good additions for this blog? Then share them in the comments!

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