1. Learn more about your hormones
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If you know how the hormones work that has to do with the male reproductive system, you may find out what you are short of. Is gynectrol an effective treatment for chest fat and man boobs?

Testosterone: this is seen as the most important male sex hormone; it is responsible for the growth of muscle mass, the development of the sexual organs, the formation of secondary sexual characteristics, the completion of growth, development of the sperm and the strength of the libido.

Testosterone deficiency is characterized by a reduced sense of sex, erectile dysfunction, and shrinking testicles. Other signs may be hot flashes, reduced energy, depression, loss of concentration, insomnia, and loss of strength.

DHT, or dihydrotestosterone: this is especially important for the formation and maturing of the male genitals.

DHT deficiency is often seen in boys before and during puberty. Men with underdeveloped genitals often have too little DHT. In adult men, a shortage of DHT can cause infertility.

Estrogen and progesterone: although both are seen as female sex hormones, they are also present in the male body. Estrogen helps to regulate sperm and libido. Progesterone balances estrogen to prevent the male reproductive system from being overrun with estrogen.

Deficiencies in estrogen or progesterone can express themselves in the same ways. Depression and reduced libido can occur with a disturbed balance of both hormones. Estrogen deficiency can lead to loss of bone density, excessive hair growth or skin discoloration. Progesterone deficiency can cause hair loss, weight gain, and gynecomastia.

Prolactin: another hormone that is attributed to women, but also occurs in men. In men, it plays a role for the immune system, but it has not yet been shown that prolactin is really of vital importance to men.

An excess of prolactin can stand in the way of the production of testosterone in men. However, a shortage does not seem to have a negative effect.

2. Enter your Hormones

Hormone supplements can resolve most of the hormone deficits or surpluses in men.

Testosterone supplements are most commonly used. It exists in the form of pills, cream and gel.

There are no supplements to supplement a shortage of DHT, but to block a surplus, because an excess of DHT can cause hair loss. It exists in the form of pills and shampoo.

To replenish estrogen are means that are available on prescription.

Prolactin inhibitors can be reduced by a vitamin B complex supplement.

3. Make better choices regarding your diet

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A balanced diet is the best way to keep your hormones in the balance as a man, and most hormone disruptions can be corrected by just eating healthy.

Eat enough meat and carbohydrates, you get energy and your hormone production keeps going well. Fish rich in Omega 3 and lean meat is the best, as are fiber-rich grains.

Avoid sugar, caffeine and too much dairy, because the body gets weaker and your hormone households get confused.

4. Move more

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A regular training schedule with cardio and strength training improves your testosterone production.

5. Relax

Stress causes you to produce more cortisol, turning testosterone into estrogen. The result is a surplus of female sex hormones and a shortage of male sex hormones.

6. Sleep enough

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Most testosterone is produced during the brake sleep. If you sleep too little you will have less testosterone, but if you sleep more you will bring testosterone levels back up.

7. Wear loose clothing

Loose trousers, even underpants, are very important. Tight pants cause too high a temperature, which can destroy existing sperm and reduce sperm production in the long run.

8. Go to your Doctor

Testosterone injections are the most common treatment to balance male hormones. The doctor prescribes the injections as long as he/she thinks it is necessary. The treatment is eventually phased out, and the patient is checked to see whether the values ​​are now up to standard or whether they are going down again. If the values ​​continue to fall, long-term therapy is necessary.

Men with a deficiency of estrogen or progesterone can also receive hormone replacement therapy.

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