Are You Considering Getting Bigger Breasts?

If you are dreaming of having bigger breasts, then we recommend you to read here. There are quite a few things to consider before getting bigger breasts, both about implants, prices, possible complications and risks, procedures, and regulatory requirements and so on. Bigger breasts are not something you can just get in from the street and get — it takes some thinking on your part and talking to the surgeon to plan your new larger breasts. On the other hand, this procedure makes you feel more satisfied and happier for your larger breasts in the long run than if they just came about as a result of a hasty decision.

Why Get Bigger Breasts?

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There can be many reasons why women and girls want bigger breasts. The most frequent reason, of course, is that one feels that one’s breasts are too small, and one would like larger breasts as a result. This need for bigger breasts is particularly heightened by the media image, where actors, singers, and other entertainers are very well-formed and have larger breasts, and therefore set some standards for the individual private woman. You may find that you need bigger breasts to succeed, in both your career, family life, and sex life, because you can see that well-known, successful women have bigger breasts.

You may also want bigger breasts if you are born with or have developed asymmetrical breasts that you are bored with. If one breast is bigger than the other, or they just sit differently, you can reduce the difference with a breast operation, and then many choose to have bigger breasts at the same time — if you get bigger breasts, you are sure they will be more similar.

Another good reason for wishing for larger breasts is if you have, for example, had breast cancer that has tarred on one’s breasts. You may have had one or both breasts removed, and do not feel as feminine as when you had larger breasts. Here it is also a very natural desire to want bigger breasts.

How Do I Get Bigger Breasts?

There are many myths about how to get bigger breasts, and most are just that — myths. You don’t get bigger breasts from exercising, from eating chocolate or rubbing on your breasts. The only thing that really makes you get bigger breasts is that you either gain weight purely in general, and then hope that it gets rid of the breasts, or else you have to get bigger breasts with surgery.

Once you have chosen to have larger breasts using plastic surgery, it is time you consider what fill you want in your larger breasts. Here you can choose between silicone, saline, and injection of your own fat.

Larger breasts with silicone

In the world, most women choose to have larger breasts using silicone, since silicone produces the most natural, larger breasts. Silicone implants also do not react so much with the body, so the implant stays where it is, so your larger breasts do not risk shifting over time.

You can choose to have larger breasts with silicone in two ways: Either with silicone gel silicone implants or foam-type silicone. It is a relatively safe way to get bigger breasts as there is minimal chance of the silicone getting out into the body at all. And you completely eliminate this risk if you choose to have larger breasts with low bleed silicone implants, which have 3–5 layers of hard silicone at the extreme.

Silicone implants for larger breasts are available in many different sizes, so there is something to suit everybody. The implants are also available in various forms, both as round and as drop shaped. The rounds give the real “silicone breast” look, while the teardrops make your larger breasts look more natural. The silicone implants in your larger breasts last for about 10 years, after which they need to be replaced. Your larger breasts with silicone will feel a little harder than your natural breasts did, in return, you will get the larger breasts that you have always wanted.

Larger Breasts With Saline

You can also choose to have larger breasts using saline if you do not want silicone breasts. Saline implants consist of a sterile saline solution encased in a silicone shell. Larger salts with saltwater do not feel as natural as the silicone breasts, they are a little harder and a little firmer. It is also possible that the implants lose some of their water over the years, but this is excreted only by the body with the urine.

However, the advantage of getting larger breasts with saline is that they follow one’s body temperature better than the silicone does. The saline implants are also easier to change and they do not shade as much during breast cancer screenings.

When you get bigger breasts with saline, the implant can either be pre-filled, it can be filled during surgery or it can be filled several times after the main operation itself. Larger salts with saline water last for 10–15 years before they need new saline implants.

Larger Breasts With Injection Of Own Fat

This way of getting bigger breasts is becoming more and more popular and it is for a good reason. Here you get bigger breasts while removing fat from another place on the body. If you think you have a top tummy or a little too much fat on your thighs, you can have this removed by a fat transplant, and then have it injected into your breasts to make them bigger. With this method, your larger breasts also become more natural than with the silicone and saline implants, because there are no foreign bodies in your body.

Getting bigger breasts when injecting fat is usually done by two laps over a period of 3–4 months before experiencing a volume increase corresponding to one bowl. However, one can be a little uncertain how big one’s bigger breasts actually become, because not all the fat “survives” the transplant to the larger breasts. It is assumed that about 75% of the fat is able to move — and in return, the fat does not disappear from the larger breasts unless you lose weight everywhere on the body.

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