Appreciate your Little Breasts

Therefore, you should appreciate your little breasts

Are you sorry for the size of your breasts? You should not be at all — there are lots of benefits for small breasts. See some of them here

If you have small breasts from the hand of nature, you probably know everything for brass brackets, brass silicone inserts, self-contained silicone brass and other things that can make the front part look more. Perhaps you even dream about getting your breasts made bigger by an operation.

However, there is absolutely no reason to wish big breasts if you are gifted with some of the kind. On dating and dating site you have collected a lot of reasons why small breasts should be shouted.

1) They give greater enjoyment

Small breasts are more enjoyable. This was the result of a previous study from 2011 at the University of Vienna, where a number of women measured their sensitivity to the breasts. It turned out that small breasts were 24 percent more sensitive than the major ones in terms of achieving sexual pleasure.

2) You attract economically prosperous men

A study conducted by psychologists Viren Swami and Martin Tovée among a number of men showed that small breasts increasingly attract men who have a stable economy while the big-banged women more often attract financially unstable men.

3) You do not need sexist men

It was found in a study by the University of Westminster that men who preferred big breasts were more chauvinistic and considered women to be humble and weak than men who were attracted to minor breasts.

4) You have a better posture

Large breasts are often associated with more heaviness in the front, and it can easily lead to pain in the back and neck. In addition, it may result in a worse posture because the shoulders are pulled out due to the weight and for psychological reasons. With small breasts, you will hardly get to shrug your shoulders more to hide the breasts, and there will also be no weight. This explains Marisa Weiss, an oncologist focused on breast cancer for

5) You may notice easier breast cancer

According to the oncologist Marisa Weiss, it is more often easier to detect a knot or change in a small breast than in a large one. It gives you a head start for breast cancer, where you will probably discover a knot while still small.

With small breasts, you are not hampered by having to choose clothes that your breasts may be in. Usually, they can always. There is also no likelihood that you will seem vulgar in a fallen blouse or want the eyes of the men hanging in the cavalry. In the bikini genre, you also have a reasonably free choice and can walk in the sought after triangle bikini as well as the strapless of the kind without thinking about the shape of the shapes.

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