Answered 16 embarrassing Questions about your Breasts

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Every but every girl has noticed something about her breasts, but we often find it too embarrassing to put them on someone else. That is why today we answer nineteen breast questions. And you can read them anonymously!

That varies per person. With one, they already start growing at the age of nine and with others sometimes only around the age of fifteen.

That also differs greatly from person to person.

Why does everyone have a different face, hands, and feet? The same applies to breasts. The external characteristics of people simply differ greatly.

Yes, that is more common than you think. You should go to the doctor if you notice that you have a lot of hair. Then there may be something wrong with your hormones.

Breasts contain a lot of glands that reach the nipple via about fifteen so-called milk ducts. All those glands are surrounded by adipose tissue and connective tissue.

Yes, they are also called the Montgomery glands.

Due to the influence of hormones, namely a whole dose of estrogens, fluid accumulates in your breasts. This makes them feel a bit painful. Very normal!

Yep, this is because your skin stretches a little when your breasts grow and so there are stretch marks. This happens during puberty or if you gain a lot of weight in a short time.

You can decide for yourself because it makes almost no difference. Some girls find it comfortable without a bra, and some sleep better with a bra.

Your breasts can become even larger when you are pregnant with your hormones. They can of course also grow when you arrive and shrink when you lose weight.

Not all boys like larger breasts. Research has already shown that they look more at firmness than at breast size. Due to the influence of television and weekly magazines, it seems that larger breasts are the ideal, but it is not like that. Large, small, … All the bosoms are very good!

You may have seen drugs or pills that claim to stimulate breast growth, but they don’t work at all. Learn to love your breasts as they are.

No, all nipples are different.

That is sometimes said but it is not true. See question 2!

No that is not necessary. Many store employees can also see it if you put your hands in front of it and then come up with a few bras that you can try. This way you can see for yourself which one fits best. Moreover, you can find a lot of size tables online, so feel free to check your size yourself!

There is no standard breast. All nipples are different.

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