8 Myths About Getting Bigger Breasts

There are many myths and tips on how to get bigger breasts. Here we have tried to separate the true from the false.

There are many myths about how, as a woman, you can have bigger breasts, and we have therefore chosen to look them a little in the seams. We try to separate the legitimate methods from the crowd and try to urge the untruthful into the earth. Many people think, for example, that you can get bigger breasts from eating chocolate and using certain types of creams. Let’s take a closer look!

1. You Get Bigger Breasts From Eating Chocolate

False: You don’t get bigger breasts of chocolate, but you should in return be able to get firmer breasts from it. “Half of the fat in chocolate is stearic acid, which has a firm consistency. The fact that we eat is embedded. in our adipose tissue, and if we eat dark chocolate in small amounts over a longer period of time, it will be hard, “Many Professional Experts explained. However, it should only be the dark chocolate that gives firm breasts, while it glows otherwise good properties are clouded by cream and sugar. The only reason you can get bigger breasts from eating chocolate is if you eat so much that you gain weight overall.

2. You Get Bigger Breasts If You Gain Weight

True: You can gain bigger breasts from gaining weight as the breasts are largely fat. However, one of the side effects of this method is that one also touches on other parts of the body. In addition, your breasts are also likely to become smaller again if you then lose weight.

3. Can You Get Bigger Breasts Of Hormones?

True: It is possible to get bigger breasts by taking the female hormone estrogen, although the outcome varies. This is also what happens during pregnancies — the pregnant woman’s body produces more estrogen while growing her breast glands, which together makes for bigger breasts.

4. Birth Control Pills Give You Bigger Breasts

True: If you use birth control pills with a high content of estrogen, your breasts may be bigger. However, it varies from woman to woman, and many experience no increase in the breast area at all. There are also some that generally take on the weight of birth control pills, and this can, of course, be linked to the larger breasts.

5. You Can Train Your Breasts Bigger

False: You don’t get bigger breasts by training them. According to the breast actives blog expert, you can only train your breast muscle, and the tighter it gets, the smaller your breast becomes. So you actually risk getting smaller breasts by training them.

6. Your Breasts Look Bigger If You Use A Larger Bra

False: Your breasts won’t look bigger, even if you wear a larger bra. Your breasts, on the other hand, will look flat and harmonious because the bra folds and is filled with air. However, you can choose to use either a push-up bra or a wrinkled bikini top under your clothes to make your breasts look bigger.7 — You can get bigger breasts from drinking milk.

7. You Can Get Bigger Breasts From Drinking Milk

True: You can actually get a little bigger boobs from drinking a lot of milk. All dairy products such as milk, cheese, and yogurt contain the hormones estrogen, progesterone, and prolactin. All three types of hormones are part of the lactation period in all types of mammals, which helps increase and maintain the breasts. Drinking milk takes more of these hormones, which in some cases can make your breasts bigger.

8. You Get Bigger Breasts From Breast Massage

Doubtful: There are various creams that contain natural phytoestrogens that supposedly help the body to produce new breast tissue. However, this has never been scientifically proven and it seems doubtful that cream should increase the size of the breasts from the outside. If you search for it on Google, you will find a lot of praise for the product from the manufacturers, while most people do not believe that a cream can cause bigger breasts.

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