5 Ways To Remove Warts Naturally

Warts are generally harmless and not harmful to health, however, you should not try to cut them with scissors, because in addition to causing pain, bleeding from the cut can cause warts to spread throughout the area you had. contact with the blood. To remove warts it is advisable to consult the dermatologist, who will recommend performing techniques such as cryotherapy for wart removal.

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1. Banana peel for Warts

Banana peel has irritating properties to the cells that make up warts and so is a simple and quick way to eliminate them.


1 banana peel
Method of preparation

Rub the inside of the banana peel on warts for a few minutes every day until they disappear.

2. Swallowtail for warts

Swallow weed is also a good natural remedy for warts, as this medicinal plant has antimicrobial properties that help eliminate the wart-causing virus.


Swallow Sap
Method of preparation

Apply a little swallow sap to the wart 1 to 3 times a day until it disappears.

3. Drops of Wartrol for Warts

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Wartrol can also be used to remove warts because of its antiviral properties that help destroy the wart-causing virus.

Simply apply 1 drop of Wartrol 2 to 3 times on the affected area, avoiding contact with healthy skin as this plant is toxic and can cause skin irritation or burns.

4. Celandine paste for Warts

A great natural treatment for warts is celandine paste. This medicinal plant, known as wart weed or swallow weed, has antimicrobial properties that help destroy the wart-causing virus.


50 grams of celandine
50 mL of water
Method of preparation

Put the ingredients in a blender and grind. Pass the paste obtained on warts 3 times a day and let it work for a few minutes. Then wash with warm water.

A great natural remedy for warts is papaya milk, but celandine is also widely used to treat this problem.

5. With Papaya

A good natural remedy for wart removal is green papaya milk, as it contains substances that destroy warts and protect the skin.


1 green papaya

Method of preparation

Hold the papaya and make shallow cuts on the peel of the fruit. Rub the milk, which comes out of the wart cuts at least 2 times a day, until the problem disappears. It should be rubbed gently because the purpose is to make the juice found inside the papaya peel penetrate the wart.

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