4 Tips To Keep Lashes Stronger And More Resistant

Are your lashes falling out? See here what are the main reasons

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When we were kids, it was really cool to find a droopy eyelash, because that meant we could place an order. But as we get older, the loss of eyelashes is no longer a fun game and becomes a concern.

But first of all, it is always good to understand the reasons that lead to their loss: stress, irritation caused by false eyelashes, stretching or makeup, allergy to some type of product, and rubbing the eyes too much, are some of the most common reasons.

There is also a disorder called “trichotillomania”, in which people feel an overwhelming desire to pull their hair out and, sometimes, also eyelashes and eyebrows. If you suspect you have this disorder, seek medical help. There are resources that can help you to leave that habit behind and feel more calm and relaxed.

And if the lashes fall out frequently, do they grow back?

The normal is to lose up to five eyelashes a day and as it takes about 90 days to be born, grow and fall again, no one notices the difference. We only notice, when the falls go beyond that number.

But the eyelashes grow back if the delicate skin of the eyelid is not badly damaged, that is, if that part faces a lot of trauma (such as, for example, rubbing the eyes too much), it can cause permanent scarring on the edge of the eyelashes. Therefore, if these follicles are compromised, the hair on the lashes will not grow back. But, if your eyelids remain healthy, even if you have had an illness, your eyelashes will grow back.

Four steps to take good care of your lashes
To make sure that your problem is related to a health issue, it is essential to consult a doctor. In any case, these four tips can help you keep them healthy:

1. Avoid rubbing your eyes

As rubbing your eyelashes is one of the main causes of falling, this is the first habit to be eliminated. To remove eye makeup, avoid rubbing this area: with the help of a handkerchief or cotton, gently glide over the eyelids with a product suitable for this, that your lashes will remain intact!

The same goes for using the eyelash curler: be gentle with your lashes, there is no need to pin them so tightly.

2. Clean them regularly

It is essential to remove mascara every night to prevent further loss of eyelashes. Especially if you like extensions: cleaning your lashes effectively (and gently) prevents the buildup of impurities and therefore bacteria!

3. Bet on the oils!

To give more strength to the lashes, you can use, for example, jojoba oil which is one of the best substances to promote growth naturally, as it is rich in ceramides, an essential fatty acid that nourishes the hair in depth, reducing the fall.

Almond oil is also indicated, due to its high content of vitamins A, B and E. To use the oils on your eyelashes, dip a flexible rod or mascara brush (clean and new) in the oil and apply it all over hair extension — from roots to ends. Do this every night before bed.

4. Choose hypoallergenic eye makeup

If you still don’t know what is causing the eyelash loss, you may be sensitive to some component of the makeup you are wearing. Therefore, the idea is to replace with hypoallergenic products, which help to calm any irritation in this region.

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