15 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Breasts

Oh, my dear breasts! At one point they are absolutely amazing, but when you think about it, it’s really something strange, too. You probably have a feeling that you know everything about exactly your, you know, the breasts on your body... But you will be surprised because there are some pretty crazy boob facts.

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  1. Many go up in the anatomy behind a chest and you’ve probably heard it before. Female breasts are made of fat, nerves, veins, arteries, breast tissue, and connective tissue.

2. There are 8 different types of nipples. There are the “normal”, flat, inflated, inverted (including as many as 3 degrees) and finally, the unilateral.

3. 6 percent of us have an extra nipple. However, this is not at all uncommon.

4. Nipple orgasm exists! Oxytocin is released when nipples are stimulated, which is what causes vaginal orgasms.

5. There are 7 different types of breasts. There are the drop-shaped, the asymmetric, the bell-shaped and 4 others.

6. Your left breast may be larger than your right. Even if you do not see the difference, your left breast is probably slightly larger than your right, which is the norm for most women. Even Jennifer Lawrence admits her breasts are bumpy!

7. Nipple hair is normal. Although not the sexiest, you are not alone if you have spotted a nipple hair, and there is no reason to worry about it.

8. Your breasts typically grow for two to four years more after you get your first period. So yeah, your mosquito bites really grew, even if you thought that wasn’t possible.

9. The size of your breasts may vary for each month. You don’t imagine a fuller bra. Your hormones change during menstruation and ovulation, which can cause bigger (and sore) breasts.

10. Nipples can get darker during pregnancy. Once again, thank you for the much-loved hormones.

11. There is a name for the small dents on your areola (the areola is the colored area that surrounds your nipple). They are called Montgomery glands, and they produce a natural oil that cleanses, lubricates and protects the nipple during pregnancy and lactation.

12. Each nipple has 15 to 20 openings where the breast milk can come out. Openings are called patches, and each patch has 20 to 40 small patches, which have milk channels attached to it.

13. The nipple and areola are highly pigmented, which is why they are darker than the rest of the breast.

14. Sleeping on the stomach can actually affect the shape over time. Unbelievable, but true.

15. There is absolutely nothing to make your breasts happier than when you can finally throw on the bra after a long day. It is wonderful! According to a scientific study of thousands of breasts, this is 100% true.

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