10 Ingredients that Increase your Libido

Libido Enhancing Ingredients

According to Research, the following ingredients would have a positive effect on your libido:

Coffee: the bowl of consolation tackles a languishing libido.
Peanuts: increase excitement.
Brown rice: combats feelings of sexual aversion.
Avocado: increases sex pleasure.
Asparagus: are rich in vitamin E and stimulate the production of hormones that are needed for active sex.
Bananas: This fruit is especially good for men. They are full of enzymes that are good for their libido. Moreover, they provide a lot of energy.
Celery: contains androsterone, a male hormone that excites women.
Figs: increase libido and sexual endurance — because they contain a lot of amino acids — and are needed for the production of dopamine.
Oysters are rich in zinc — needed for the production of the male hormone testosterone — and in dopamine.
Seaweed: contain a lot of iron, calcium, and iodine and are an aphrodisiac.

Is only nutrition enough?

For most people, the fact that only food increases your sex drive will not hold true. It is often a lot more complicated. Moreover, how much you feel like having sex varies per person, per phase of life and per day. Do you want to read more about it? Then take a look at the article ‘ Less desire among women & how you can stimulate more.

Provestra Female Libido Booster is made for women with the aim of promoting orgasms, libido, and sexual desire and energy. After several investigations and testing of many natural ingredients that are known to promote libido, researchers have succeeded in producing Female Libido Booster. With this product, it turned out to be possible to offer women a means that promotes sexual urge as well as getting an orgasm.

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